Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Burning of...

Anani stood apart from Baldo,
noting his weakened state 
the battle left them both in a weakened state
Baldo struggled to rise, 
struggled to whisper Tomas' name. 
The soldiers circled Tomas as he stood over the field,
to protect Baldo nothing else
looking back at Tomas as he walked into the melee. 
Seeing the mighty Anani, mighty yes,
Tomas thought to have a well trained, seasoned fighter. 
Baldo, the stronger fighter isn't you. I can take care of this for you. 
Baldo nodding with relief.
Please brother. Build a pyre, he calls out and a fire upon a the heap, 
we shall burn him like the God he imagines himself. 
Brother, he wants to burn, it is his desire to burn as he wishes. 
He will die as his wish. I shall give him his belief, his desire, he has nothing else...

From a distance, 
Maria can see the soldiers raise the wooden platform upon  which the pyre rests
Irene  placates and calms Maria
the slaves stop they're work. Watch and behold a ritual execution, 
express their anger to watch Anani.

Anani dies on the cross, after Baldo stabs him in the gut several times,
blood spills out across streams of blood,
the sky opens
the rain grows strong,
the rain breaks becoming one and upon Baldo's outstretched arm, 
pouring out warm his life grows cold quickly as the blood pour's hot,
Anani dies in the rain,
the slaves cry,
the soldiers cheer.
Tomas silently cheers while urging his soldiers to honor Anani's death then express' sorrow for his death

La Dona, Maria...
From afar,
can see her love die on the wooden stake, the flames mount the pyre from the mound of Kindle the soldiers collected
and placed at his feet...
The soldiers cheer in conquest...

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