Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rainbow Moon

There's a rainbow around the moon.
A rainbow around the moon?

Oh yes, I love that... I love you
I love you...
Sometimes I close my eyes and try and take myself out of my body so I feel nothing around me, no phone against my ear and I slowly make you appear beside me so that I feel your warm body, your warm breath when you turn to kiss my skin... I just can't seem to keep my eyes closed long enough and then you're gone... Can you tell me what colors you see around the moon?
Yes, blue, lots of blue and red...
Do you see my favorite color?
I do. Just a little.
Theres never enough yellow.
No there isn't... never enough yellow.
Well theres lots of your favorite color I'm sure
It's everywhere...
Just not here.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

God Draws Straight Lines Crooked

We are lines drawn on the white we are blind to
A coalescent chaos of scribble without direction or purpose
Intersecting for moments here and there, others merging into a singularity,
Disappearing to become one and then none
Faith eliminates their paths drawing them with ease into the truth