Sunday, November 4, 2012

Presidential Prediction

"Quote from Natural News Columnist, Mike Adams" I'm going to make a bold prediction about the outcome of the upcoming U.S. election: The winner will be the guy who supports GMOs and bankster bailouts. Which candidate is this? Well BOTH of them, of course. In fact, I'm also 100% sure the winner will be the candidate who is in favor of going to war with Iran. The winner will also be the guy in favor of increasing the size of government, either through entitlements or military spending. Here are some other things I predict the winner will support: • Continued erosion of civil liberties and the bill of rights • The growth of federal power over states rights • The continued currency monopoly of the private Federal Reserve • The drugs-and-surgery health care system • Continued criminalization of industrial hemp farming • Continuation of electronic voting that allows corrupt political parties to steal elections • Continuation of the Big Pharma medical monopoly over the U.S. healthcare system • Continuation of the criminally-operated FDA, the corrupt USDA, the gang mafia DEA, and of course the gun-running ATF • Continuation of the fluoride poisoning of the American people • Continuation of nationwide vaccination programs that inject babies with mercury, MSG, aluminum and formaldehyde • Continuation of the corrupt two-party political system and ongoing corporate lobbying that allows members of Congress to function as total sellouts • Continued support of pesticide producers and the toxic contamination of the food supply with pesticide and herbicide residues • Continued exploitation of children for medical experiments in America. • Continued U.S. military presence in over 130 countries nationwide, making America the world's most imperialistic, war-mongering nation in world history • Continued multi-trillion-dollar debt spending, putting the United States into a position of never-ending debt leading to a total economic collapse See, no matter who wins the White House, the People always lose. The corporations win big! As does the Federal Reserve, the military industrial complex and the criminally-run pharmaceutical industry. The lobbyists win, the pesticide companies win, the Wall Street banksters win, and the oil companies win. That's what this election is really all about: No matter how you vote on November 6th, the corporations win big and the People lose big. The government gets bigger, the corporations gain more power, and the police state enslavement of America accelerates. How do the People WIN?America is already too far down the road to tyranny to turn back now. Ultimately, the only way this is going to be halted is through collapse, then revolution. That scenario is coming soon, by the way. And it may even accelerate depending on who occupies the White House for the next four years. The current system of corruption, criminality and exploitation simply cannot be sustained. Therefore, it must end, and it's going to end catastrophically because the bureaucrats in charge have no courage to make the difficult decisions needed to head this off. When this current failed system does come to an end, it's going to thrust the nation into a period of short-term chaos, and what's important from that point is that intelligent, informed people like you (Natural News readers), are ready to jump in and shape the future society so that it is based on liberty and freedom rather than tyranny and enslavement. That's the game plan from here forward: Stay informed, stay healthy and be ready to step in after the collapse to help create a more fair, just and free society. The current system is crumbling, no matter who wins the election. What we need as the human species is to evolve to a more free, abundant society that does not suffer under the oppression and tyranny of Big Government, Big Pharma, Monsanto and the evil corporate cabals. Learn more:

Thursday, September 13, 2012


One of our biggest problems is us, not them, but us...
What do i mean by us?
We, us, all too often if not all the time, speak and think of our place within the human group as us against them, as if "them" is really much different than "us". We are terrified of losing what we have, whether its our blanket to survive homeless on the streets, our jobs, our business what little money or great wealth we have. No one wants to lose all they've worked or scrounged for... Hoarders by nature, possessive we fight for what we have. And in any economic system the instrument, the means by which we trade for goods and services is the possession we hoard most, because it can get you anything. In a true socialist system there could only be us because our shares would be equal, there would not be an elite, no matter your position within the system, all are equal. But humans by nature are not socialist. We desire, we want more than others with whom we have equal desires and hoard what we desire to keep others who have equal desires from having as much or any at all of what we want as much. We are capitalist by nature and let the markets created by demand guide supply, demand & cost.

None of this is a political issue but a social issue. Politics itself is a market through which we accrue power, a desire; demand from strong (leaders), supplied by the weak (followers).

Poverty and wealth and the dilemma therein is a social issue, the poor wish for some or all of equal wealth, the rich want to keep it and we each define ourselves as us and them when in fact remove the fear from either and we are the same; we are each others enemy out of fear, justifiable because we do steal from each other; the rich live in denial of such crimes because they live within a system that supports stealing given names like tax loopholes, deductions so that the wealthy can keep more of the wealth they've gained while the poor have no such legal opportunity to keep the small amounts they receive and often resort to crime to gain more of what they have lost to the system that allows the rich to avoid contributing to society at all and still benefit from the infrastructure built from the sweat and upon the worn shoulders of the poor.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Is it me?

Or has life become more Felliniesque?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fate is my God...

From Evernote:

Fate is my God...

Fate is my God...

The Chase

From Evernote:

The Chase

Why are you running?
Why are you running?
I'm not running!
Well you aren't now cause you've stopped to talk to me... but you were, you're sweating, you're out of breath, you don't seem to ever rest...
I sleep...
Not much that I can tell but that's not what I said, I said you don't rest...
If you mean sit in front of the television without really knowing what it is you're really watching...
No I don't... and you know I don't, you very well know what I mean... You used to do it all the time...
A long time ago, when I felt like I had time...
And you don't?
It certainly feels that way.
The Seventh Seal...
Bergman, yes... death and a knight play a game of chess...
You diminish such an important film....
With an important but simple message
One can never change destiny
But one can change fate, and you have many times, so you believe, that your fate was such and through your efforts you changed it, but perhaps making those changes, your actions was your fate.
Perhaps. Look what's your point...
You know your point or you wouldn't be writing this down... You used to have the most amazing patience, the will to slow down and see the world around you...
Don't feel like I have time for that anymore.
Rushing towards it won't delay deaths arrival, it will happen...

I remember sitting for hours alone at the beach just watching the surf, thinking, alone cause I chose to be, these were my moments to figure the world, figure out existence itself, to know being, without drug or  enhancement but the high of being in the moment, now...

Lost in the clutter of sentient existence

Meaning in life isn't about finding purpose in living through life to an end but living in life for its own sake

I have her

From Evernote:

I have her

The notices were posted throughout the subway system by morning when he traveled to work... "missing!" Describing her in detail and the date and time she was last seen, the grocery store near his apartment... All he could think to say to himself was, "I have her"

I came home to her, she was asleep, gagged and bound as I'd left her this morning

Haven't had sex with her yet

I woke her with a kiss and tap to her cheek... She realized it was dark out, surprised

They'll be looking for me
They are, signs all over the subway
They'll find me
No they won't, they'll give up, that's why I took you... Patience...

People fall in love for the what seems like the strangest reasons

She wants to run but then she doesn't