Friday, June 8, 2018


Why is suicide seen as such a horrible form of death?
Why do people ask that the dead rest in peace?
Why do people see death as bad?
We see it from one side and its the side of the bars we don't want to be on.
People look upon death from the wrong side of the cell. 
Head stuck between the bars as he walks toward the bright lit door open wide; 
too brightly lit for us to see beyond.
We are sad because we stay behind. We exist and that's it...
We make sentient existence the joy or horror it becomes...
We fit our cells to our liking...
To give our lives a happiness we won't experience
Until the cell doors open and we are let out, we are let out.
Cherish the joy and happiness he and everyone existed in and...
Cherish his release from existence...
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We are meant to do nothing. There is nothing expected. You have all the desire. We are collectors of data with no intent. There is no on one bearing down on you. You have one thing to do in life and you do it by nature. Everything else is an illusion. All you want, all your desires are illusion meant to bring satisfaction to your existence now that have developed an existence that wants satisfaction. Existence is simple. Mocking or lauding oneself results in satisfied existence but there is no blue ribbon of existence. No one wins a prize for getting there first, last or with the most of everything or nothing at all.
Imagine a mass of molecules or cells pushing up against each other that's all we really are. It doesn't mean anything.
You just expire.
No nothing...

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Most Desirable

A person most desirable is a person filled with so much strength they only depend on themselves for support.

The Answer In Themselves

Most people look to others for salvation without ever thinking they are their own salvation. You've all heard it often; the answers are always in yourself. But too many are afraid and truly never look for the answer in themselves so they will never find it. Especially since society primarily posits that man is a social creature which is true but if humankind partners with itself equally as with another...

The Mole

45 is a bad example 
of a Russian mole Putin installed 
twenty some odd year's ago 
when 45 needed the funding.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Desire Makes It More Fun

every moment is an opportunity to learn to review and look at what you've learned you've done what you've done wrong, 
what you need to learn again and again, 
you really don't or can't stop learning it's what you're here to do... 
No desire needed, but you will learn; desire makes it more fun.

No, He Is Not The President of The United States

Like all of us he is a citizen, not a King or a God above all; above us, The American Citizen. He is greater than no one and tends the rules and laws he represents not those he makes up as he sees fit to make up as he goes along. Any American Citizen who supports Donald Trump is not an American Citizen but just as much criminal as he had always been.

Trump, an aborted President who won't die is not an American. Follow the laws and Amendments set down at the inception and he would qualify as a citizen of the United States of America. He's a bad poker player who always defies the rules, rules he follows if he wins only and someone gets hurt, The American Citizen.

Monday, June 4, 2018


The world and society always look and go forward, yes it does seem to lurch back to satisfy those fearful of change. Change for the worse only goes back. Going forward is beneficial in the long run but we never seem to see the benefit of looking far ahead. History is proof. Looking far ahead and projecting far ahead can often be done. But so many are fearful of commitment, count on changing their minds for protection, commitment requires planning and thought. 
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