Saturday, March 20, 2010


The reality we perceive is virtual, a metaphor for a structure of reality still unknown.
Too simple we are to perceive what is real. What keeps us from realizing is fear of this unknown.
We are equations built from equations embedded with variables solved through interaction with other variables.
We are, we see the result of variables in formulas. We, our reality is but equations within equations whose results figure into yet other equations with further results appearing as we encounter and/or interact with other equations. A single person is an equation. Introduce another person that is another equation and the result is another equation with new results. We exist as individuals, as equations while still integral to other equations, other individuals. While we exist as individual equations we have an effect on integral equations. Numbers dictate all. Our existence can be expressed in numbers whose values, if we knew, could predict the future. We are complex equations interacting with other equations of varying complexities. Perhaps this is why so many metaphors for the structure of reality exists in computers. 

Programs are developed not just with code but modules of code, repeated clusters of code that are used instead of writing the same code over again. Imagine that as the nature of reality and u will note the similarities between us all. As if templates are produced and modified by environment and experience from the moment of conception through death. These similarities are those modules of code we share with each other that cause similarities in us all. Much of our natural tendency to group comes from our need to be with our own. What nature has planned is the intelligence that has fruited in us and that has as a consequence given us consciousness. Silly to say plan but a seed was laid and we are the result. We are the result of a single kernel of data reacting to a whole other evironment of data. We are in constant interaction with other data constantly adjusting and changing and producing results. The reality we exist in no matter the number of dimensions we perceive exists is a massive ongoing calculation of various data. The quantum organic computer model we seek we exist in already. We will eventually reach a state of ability and existence within which we will be able to modify every instance of data ourselves.

We will come to know the math.