Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Democratic Voter Roll Increases

Flood of New Voters Signing Up

A Big Increase of New Voters in Swing State

Love Those Those Texas Back Stabbers

Its obvious Dubya gives Texans a bad name.

What Really Happened

A great website...

"A New York Times article said, "Some estimates put the total debt owed by the poorest countries at around $200 billion."

"$200 billion a year is what it costs to fill out tax forms every year."

"That coincidentally, is the very amount Bush has spent so far on invading Iraq (not to mention the cost in lives). Instead of invading Iraq, Bush could have paid off the ENTIRE debt of some 30+ Third World countries, given countless nations a radical chance at improving their economic livelihood, created tremendous good will for the US, encouraged them (through incentives) to embrace democracy and economic reform (which would be far harder for governments to avoid with the huge opportunity this would have provided) and in the end helped turn impoverished nations into vibrant nations and -- hey, it's good for the US economy -- growing markets for our goods and services."