Thursday, September 9, 2004

Worst Case Scenario

A group of very wealthy men, friendly with a group of even wealthier men, conspire to take control of the most powerful, wealthiest & technologically advanced country on the planet, sureptiously corrupting its election process to gain high office, changing laws through favoritism, bribery & outright threat to favor the ruling class. The ruling class, those who have majority control of the worlds wealth & resources. Convincing the populace of the most free of countries to shed their rights in exchange for protection from a false threat of fear & terror. Whereupon they perceive their control to be complete, to fully realize their oontrol, they conspire to abolish free elections in said free country through further fear, by suggesting the elections be cancelled if a major terrorist event occurs . Would they, could they go so far as to perpetrate a major terrorist act against the people, cancelling elections, causing revolt, forcing marshall law & cancelling elections.