Thursday, September 9, 2004

Get Out of The Way

Its called denial when you don't want to face up to a flaw in yourself or something you've done wrong. Like this morning. All the way from Pleasantville Road to the train station I road up someones ass. So from my point of view, she, the driver ahead of me was driving way too slow - wait! Lets take it from her point of view: here we have lots of time to get to the station, so she tries to make the drive a relaxing one. She's having a cigarette, her friend is sitting shotgun & they're probably having a conversation. Then here I come boning up her rear end, driving in her trunk, as the passenger said, adding a little anxiety to the mix. What the fuck! Pull back asshole! What's the rush? I can't go anywhere cause I've got cars ahead of me! Yes you do! You do have cars ahead of you: slow ass cars! A slow ass BMW: why own a sports car a BMW M7 when you treat it like a fucken Edsel. I'm not talking NASCAR track here, but fuck, open it up a bit. I mean, does it have to take you a minute to go from 0-30? I pride myself on reacting quickly, not dawdling. Trust me, I'm as lazy as next guy, even more so. I love lazy scenic drives where I don't go fast. But you know what? I get out of the way or speed up when I'm driving too slow for someone behind me. I don't drive slow or cruise in the left lane: left is for passing. If you're not passing, move it over. Granted, this morning the road was a single lane, so you can't pass, but respond quicker. Act like you want to go forward. Step on the gas when coming off a stop.

What does SVEIKS! mean? The car had that sticker on its rear.

So back to how I started this rant. Was I wrong for riding up her ass. Yes I was!