Friday, September 10, 2004

face in the window

see the face, frame left. a still frame from infra-red footage shot at night at an alleged haunted house in cape may nj. i pulled back to a wide shot from a close up of two names etched on the outside of an upstairs window. later when we watched the footage what looked like a face appeared in the window pane. not a reflection. the image stays in place on that pane, a reflection wouldn't. and there wasn't anyone standing to my left produce the reflection. nor was there any room for someone to stand to my left. except for the real thing, the only other thing it could be is an aberration in the glass refracting light. but for infra-red light, there was extremely little ambient light entering the room. we needed flashlights to get around, and no, a flashlight wasn't being used at the moment. our only visibility was the image in the camera. hmmmmmmmm? click on the image to play the clip.