Thursday, November 4, 2004

conversations with BK

BK: Kerry was never going to win, ever. Bushmerica has too much invested in the Christian King and his reign will not end until they can no longer profit from it, or something larger takes their interest.

RP: very well said

BK:Why thank you. The hopelessness I've felt since 9/11 has never abated, and I don't know if it will, in all honesty, in my lifetime. Whoever put Bush into office has thoroughly taken everything pure and right about this country, carefully bent it over a ledge, and has fucked it bloody. The sad thing is--there's no going back.

BK: So, y'know, if you ever wanted to live in the 1950's, now's your chance.

RP: hey did u notice in that map of the US showing the Red States and Blue States, did you notice that the color Red is now a good color in a majority of the peoples eyes, when only 50 years ago, Red was a menace, and also did you notice, the progressive Blue states are all along water, open ocean, while the Red states are near no open water, except for Illinois, which is on a lake. Hmmmmmmmmm

BK: The progressive states being along the water, I attribute to those states being historically shipping-based, which led to those states having a more cosmopolitan populace, and diverse--we needed slaves and cheap labor. Now, it's where all the international airports are, and where commerce centers tend to be. Hence, a smarter, more sophisticated, and diverse, populace.

RP: very good answer

BK: Didn't notice the red thing. But that's okay--we're being run single-minded communist-esque fuckos anyway.

BK: Tips for the future: keep your head down, keep your mouth shut, and make popular entertainment with a message-the only thing they can't (and don't want to) stop

BK: Anything blatant doesn't work anymore.

RP: this all might be great for art in general. it is during times of repression that great art shines because its the only way to express the truth without being blatant.

BK: Right. It'll be interesting at the very least. I thought Team America was goddamned brilliant AND goddamned blatant

RP: it might also be great for the horror genre, where so much metaphor lives

BK: Horror is HUGE right now

BK: Everytime they put out a horror movie it does well

BK: The biggest things going right now are horror and family films. Coincidence?

RP: LOL, wow