Saturday, November 6, 2004

The Ball's In Your Court

To those who voted for Bush,

I sure hope you're right. You chose him, now be responsible for him.

I'll just do my part and deal with it, time to move on right? Country is in you and your hands, simply cause I didn't vote for him. I won't and can't support most of the conservative agenda as well as Bush's agenda. So I won't be responsible for whatever occurs on his watch. Don't expect me to stand by your side and support you on issues I personally don't support. A true strong American has an opinion and stands on their own to support that opinion until questioned and proven otherwise. One who stands by others opinion without question, while setting their personal beliefs aside or not having one of their own, is not an American. One who demands others follow their opinion without question, even when that opinion becomes wrong and harmful is not an American. A true American is one who votes for a President they are not afraid to question.