Sunday, April 15, 2018

Words To Live and Die By...

Expectation, you see this everyday.
People expect and feel sure something will happen because they expect it to when nothing is really an expectation.
Expectation is a given.
Nothing is a given except death, an expectation, life is not and then we are upset when we do finally face death as it approaches, we are upset.
Death should not be a surprise but a true expectation; it will happen and most usually when we least expect it.
That doesn't suggest to live life without a care because you want life to be a joy. Life is a gift. Life is learning.
Why do we learn.
To give back the result of life as if it is the result of an equation.
To return the results of life. The results being observations.
Life is an excursion and the value in life is the observation and participation.
With or without intent for any reason. But most definitely based on choices of your own.
Not the choices of another; that leads to and becomes oppression, sometimes with your acceptance and many times not.
Life is a queue for a ride that ride becomes death.
That is how we have come to see it.
That queue you wait on that is life is for a ride we can only imagine while one observes; or we call it people watching.
You are doing as much to give it a name, a categorization; what is a name but a categorization.

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