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John Dee and the Empire of Angels is Out NOW. Here's a Free Class, Too!

April 18, 2018 by Jason Louv 

John Dee and the Empire of Angels is now shipping. Order now and get access to a free and exclusive class on Angelic & Enochian Magick

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I've added a final grace period to sign up for the course. Send in your receipt by 12:30 PM PST—the absolute final cutoff—and I will add you to the livestream and approve you to watch the recording whenever you like. See you in class!

John Dee and the Empire of Angels, my new book—the ultimate guide to magick and the occult—is out NOW from Inner Traditions. You can get it here.
This is a labor of love that's been three years in the making. If you haven't seen me much at Ultraculture, it's because ALL of my efforts—every single waking moment, and all of my blood, sweat and tears—have been going into making this book.
John Dee and the Empire of Angels is the story not just of John Dee and Edward Kelley—who channeled Enochian magick, the most powerful and important system in the entire Western Esoteric Tradition—but of the people and movements that carried their work forward, including Aleister Crowley, Victor Neuberg, Jack Parsons, Marjorie Cameron, Elias Ashmole, Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, the Golden Dawn and even the modern-day witchcraft and Satanist movements… not to mention the American evangelical Republicans!
That means that this book isn't just a history book. What this book REALLY is is the complete story of Western magick—the real, hardcore tradition that has shaped the last 500 years of Western history. The tradition that is responsible for creating not only modern science but the British Empire, the American Empire, the United States space program, and a whole lot more. That has been kept reserved and secret for a hidden elite, which has been pulling the levers of power from behind the scenes of the world—and that I am now lifting the veil on in this book. (Illuminati detected, as they say.) This is the secret history that they never taught you (and will never teach you) in school—the history of how the occult, and occult forces, have created the very world we live in.
And what that really means is that this isn't just a book about magick. This book IS magick. It's a magical device designed to demolish everything you think you know about the world, and lift the veil on the truth—that we live in a world created by sorcerers—and that YOU just might have to cook up a little sorcery of your own, too, to see through the game.
Oh, and by the way, this book IS the "patch" for the Western Magical Tradition in a practical sense. It re-assembles the entire tradition from primary sources—the Enochian sessions—and amalgamates and alchemically transmutes the work of Dee, the Freemasons and Rosicrucians, the Golden Dawn, Crowley, Parsons, Cameron and many others into ONE coherent whole, revealing the shining and glittering true tradition that has long been buried under centuries of obfuscation, cover-ups, confusing texts and secret society games.
Did you ever see old episodes of the original Star Trek series, where something would go wrong on the Enterprise, and Kirk and Scotty would have to climb into the service tunnels of the ship to fix something by hand? Well—that's exactly what I did with this book. The reason that you haven't seen me much over the last three years is because I spent those years climbing into the service tunnels of Western civilization, and the Western Esoteric Tradition, and figuring out what went wrong. And then fixing it. And this book is the result.
NOW—because I want people to fully understand what I'm communicating with this book, and as a thank you to the people who have already been following me at Ultraculture and Magick.Me prior to the book release, I'm offering a FREE Magick.Me course on Angelic & Enochian Magick to coincide with the book release. You can see it here—it will be held LIVE this Sunday, April 22, and recorded (in HD—I have a pretty awesome video and audio setup now!) for anybody who can't make that day.
This course will cover a HUGE range of occult techniques for contacting angels, from Solomonic and grimoire magick, to Dee and Kelley's Enochian system, to the Golden Dawn, to even more modern techniques. It's going to be intense and absolutely enlightening.
The ONLY way to get access to this course, however, is to purchase John Dee and the Empire of Angels before April 21, 2018—and then sending me your receipt or other proof of purchase. (Carefully follow the instructions on how to do this at the course site.) Everybody who does this will get access to this exclusive, one-time-only course. But if you miss out, you miss out. I will NOT be offering this course in any other way. You have to purchase the book this week in order to get in! (Pre-orders count, by the way, in case you pre-ordered before this week. Ebooks count too. If you live somewhere where the book isn't out yet—like Europe—you can still pre-order and send me the receipt to get into the class.)
To dig even deeper, check out this awesome podcast, below, that I did with Occulture. I cover an immense amount of ground in it. It's the best podcast I've done yet on the book, and you'll start to get a true sense of what this book REALLY is.
PS—the book has already hit bestseller status on Amazon. I absolutely love you all for getting it right away! Check out what people have been saying about it:
"John Dee is the original Elizabethan mage-scientist, who invented the British Empire and invested it with magical power. He is to Elizabeth what Merlin was to Arthur, except he was real. Here's the original technology of weaponized memes, psyops, and empire building in a gripping, authoritative account of how and why we became an occult society." (Douglas Rushkoff, author of Aleister and Adolf and Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus)
"Any biographical treatment of John Dee must be nothing less than epic–and Jason Louv has gloriously achieved this in John Dee and the Empire of Angels, a truly comprehensive, broad-spectrum, and lavishly beautiful historical study of the master magus and the counter-current of secret history Dee launched into the world, which has affected us all." (Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award-winning author of Occult America and The Miracle Club)
"A crazy plunge into the weird world of angels and those brave or foolish enough to try to contact them. Be prepared, for this book illuminates the dark corners of history that many institutions would prefer to go unexplored and unmentioned–I'm thankful for the angels that aided Jason in his creation of this mind-spinning, glorious work of occult genius." (Duncan Trussell, host of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast)
"Renaissance magus John Dee boldly set out to systematically tap the mind of God by communicating directly with a complex hierarchy of 'angelic' intelligences. It can be argued that he succeeded. His magical diaries have long held intense fascination among Qabalists, alchemists, and explorers of human consciousness who have developed workable magical systems from these records. Jason Louv's work succeeds, with breathtaking thoroughness, to tell this amazing and true magical tale. More importantly, he also reveals the profound geopolitical significance of Dee's magical explorations–effects that still shape the global realities of today." (Lon Milo DuQuette, author of Enochian Vision Magick)
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