Sunday, March 25, 2018

Who is in charge?

Who is in charge?
Who isn't?
We posit things that are not what they seem to be.
That our leaders aren't in charge.
The leaders or those we or they believe or perceive to be in charge aren't really in charge.
It's true; everyone is really in charge but in different ways. 
The weaker need to have the stronger. The stronger need the weaker. 
Someone must follow for someone to lead and likewise to lead someone must follow; 
but we are all going in the same way, together; at the same time;
but then the third group doesn't need to follow
or lead another and doesn't bother.
No one is in charge but as well not, 
just those who know no one really is;
and those who don't and those who don't care,
just those who know, no one is at all.
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