Friday, April 7, 2017

The Discovery

Someone tells you that he has discovered proof of an afterlife but can't tell you what or where this afterlife is...hope? Like telling others that you've found the answer but never disclosing how the answer was found or what it is. Why announce it if you're the only one who has found proof the soul leaves the body; yeah well I think we all can agree on that as a strong possibility but most of us wonder where does the soul go when it leaves....a quote posits if one wonders that when a train leaves the station should one wonder where it is going? Yes!!!! If that train is your soul one should!!!

Why do we care so much about leaving our existing life? Vacation, a lost weekend forgetting the week that just passed as our lives...a person commits suicide because their current life sucks so much that they need to end it and....and. Do they want another chance? Is the grass really greener on the other side as is often said? Or is it AstroTurf? We imagine, hope it is better than the shit life we have now? Why do so many see their current life as so abhorrent they want to leave it. No, not everyone thinks suicide. Vacation. Escaping. Why not make your life so good you would never want to leave it but to explore....