Friday, January 23, 2015

JOURNEY story & music by Ralph Pitre / ARTWORK by Cameron Gray


Their world was perfect in every way; balance had been achieved, concern over famine, poverty, war were gone... all was pleasant but the hunger for conflict, the hunger to conquer, which had been quelled by fair competition in state sanctioned games, was beginning to show its teeth...

What once was called satan awaits to rise...

Wrapped in a quilt of complacency, he rises

Too long repressed



The fruit of the universe is mans to harvest at will...

Reach out into the darkness and take what doesn't resist and the rest you fight for... because mankind is entitled...

We have sent explorers through the wormhole tuned to different coordinates... Six of the seven teams returned. Peels team is assumed missing except that the wormhole isn't locking into the original coordinates, as if it isn't there or something or someone is jamming the ping

Twenty minutes is all it will take, more than enough time to make love...
You were there, on the other side
I was
Tell me about it
About what, i found nothing
Then what does Commander Korn expect to find?
Whatever Peel found, which was death in my opinion
Then why did he bring you along?
Because I've been there, I've seen it, the other side, the nothingness
Peel is the only one to gave made it through
And never return... For all we know the hole collapsed and he and his family are trapped, forever
And the others, the other eight families, they all returned with nothing
You fund nothing and you get to return, make a discovery and never come back.
But why?
Don't ask me I'm a bit negative about it all.
I think they found something and if we look again, harder we'll find something
We just might... Korn plans on worming to the Peel coordinates but from our destination coordinates
You mean...
A second jump, build another worm