Sunday, January 11, 2015

Aleister Crowley Hello Kitty Figurine - disinformation

If only I could see my way to spending so much...

When Etsy gives us something such as Hello Aleister Crowley Kitty, available for a mere $222, we must not question how or why it came into being, but just be thankful that it exists:
A polymer clay and acrylic sculpture of Hello Kitty as the "Wickedest Man in the World" in his Hermetic Horus pose with the Seal of Babalon on his chest.
This One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) sculpture is part of the limited edition line of All-Seeing Cats. Each comes signed and cannot be found anywhere else, so be the first to give him a good home.
Aleister Kitty was hand-painted with high quality acrylics along with three coats of chip-resistant polyurethane varnish applied for protection and long lasting beauty.
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