Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Order of Things In Chaos

So many of us are afraid to questîon those in charge especially when their authority is questionable & without right, when it is we who put them there. Imagine how much more placid & persuaded we would be if the danger of unquestioned authority were not so evident. It can be so easy. One in authority need not round up the populace to prevent dissent. We lock ourselves in our homes with obese inducing foods & inane television entertainment that works just as well to keep us in our place. Our jail keepers are television channels & networks of moribund entertainment, these modern subversive, subconscience icons of misinformation & passive entertainment give us what we want most, to be comforted like children, to be coddled & quelled, a stacis that so conveniently, whether deliberate or not, keeps us from thinking for ourselves, & questioning those in control.