Friday, September 24, 2004

mother nature pays florida a visit

mother natures pissed off. shes so pissed off she's come back for more. mothers got a new dyson designed hurricane so she can suck all the shit out of that fountain of yucks penninsula, divine retribution for getting that burnt bush into office, undeserved, letting him plunder our pockets for our crop of cash. consumerism is the new the culture. cash the crop, brought to market and exchanged for far less than its worth. the modern feudal system whereby we toil on cement fields, forests of glass and steel, urban farming and foraging for cash, only to be left with scraps after the tax collector has come by to gather their share of cash crop for the ruling class. less than pawns, we are the felt bottoms, the thin difference between finely cast gold chess pieces and the dusty board they play their lethal games on.