Saturday, October 11, 2008

A One World


One could imagine the world under a New World Order, a dark place, the populace under the grip & control of a ruling class that cares nothing for those of us on main street, a world first imagined in George Orwell's "1984". But would it be? Should it be? Will it be? Perhaps not. Not to support or approve the idea of a single world government, I could just as easily imagine the world being far more stable than it is at this moment. What is the benefit of repression when a populace might be better controlled through acquiescence achieved through complacency, appeasing the populace, keeping everybody happy. A populace kept happy would in the majority find no reason to complain. Why fix what's not broke. You might even blog your misery over complacency, but the complacent may never listen. This state of affairs already seems exist and our addiction to media content from a seemingly bottomless distribution model is more powerful than any drug or form of repression.